How Much Scrap Copper Price Per Kg in Melbourne?

Get the best Scrap Copper Price Melbourne. Metro Copper provides $10 to $13 for Clean Copper and $9 – $10 for Dirty Copper. When you are looking for the best scrap copper prices in Melbourne, Metro Copper Recycling has a fleet of vehicles on demand, instant EFT transfers, and a centrally located recycling facility where you can get the best copper scrap price. We pick up your scrap copper from all over Melbourne for FREE (there is a minimum weight required),  serve you on the SAME day, and offer the best prices. The below table shows the scrap copper price per KG in Melbourne.

Type of Scrap Copper    Price Per Kg
Clean Copper$10 – $13
Dirty Copper$9 – $10
Scrap Copper Pick Up Melbourne

How to Get the Best Scrap Copper Prices?

Getting the highest possible return for your scrap copper requires a bit of know-how and preparation. At Metro Copper Recycling, clean copper prices range from $10 to $13 and dirty copper prices range from $9 to $10. Metro Copper Recycling is one of the most trusted names in scrap copper recycling in Melbourne operating for over 30 years. We are continually invested in advanced facilities and equipment to serve the needs of industrial and agricultural clients. Here are essential tips to ensure you secure the best scrap copper price Melbourne.

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Strip and Clean Your Copper

Begin by removing any non-metal elements attached to your copper scraps. For instance, stripping insulation from copper wires significantly increases their value. Clean, stripped copper not only weighs more but is also more desirable to recyclers, fetching a higher price.

Sort Your Copper by Type

Copper comes in various grades, each with its own market value. By separating your copper scraps according to type—be it #1, #2, or insulated wire—you enhance the clarity of what you’re selling and can negotiate better prices. Recyclers are willing to pay more for sorted copper because it simplifies processing on their end.

Distinguish Between Clean and Coated Copper

Ensure that clean copper is kept separate from coated or painted pieces. Clean copper, free of any coatings, paints, or other materials, is more valuable because it requires less processing before recycling. This distinction can make a significant difference in the price offered for your scrap copper.

Discover the Metro Copper Advantage in Melbourne

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Quality scrap brass is fetching competitive prices. Brass containing copper alloys utilized in plumbing and engineering components generates fair scrap brass prices in Melbourne supported by manufacturing demand.


Batteries primarily from vehicles and heavy machinery contain recoverable lead, attracting reasonable scrap battery prices in Melbourne for recyclers in the area. Sellers can reasonably estimate returns customized for specific scrap lots by investigating reference sources covering broader price tendencies for each metal over time. Given preferences, separating clean copper remains lucrative as opposed to mixed loads for sellers in Melbourne.

Scrap Metal Prices

There is variety when it comes to scrap metal prices depending on the type of material. Copper scraps such as wires and radiators command higher rates compared to common metals like steel due to widespread industrial and construction applications. 

Why You Should Recycle Your Scrap Copper?

There are considerable benefits to recycling scrap copper accumulated on farms or industrial sites in Melbourne. Not only does it earn sellers revenue in the form of competitive copper scrap prices, but it also helps the environment.

Copper is a commercially valuable metal that can be reprocessed almost indefinitely without loss of quality. Rather than disposing of copper as waste, recycling reintroduces it back into the production cycle through scrap metal recycling  company. We collect, recycle and pay for any non-ferrous metals. It includes scrap copperscrap cable or wirealuminium, brass, scrap batteriescar battery disposal, as well as we provide scrap bin service in Melbourne.

This conserves precious natural resources and reduces the energy used in copper mining. Responsible recycling also lowers greenhouse gas emissions compared to extracting raw materials. If you are searching through metal recycling businesses for the highest scrap copper price per kg, you will find our services will greatly match your requirements

Copper Scrap Price Melbourne
scrap copper price melbourne
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Why Sell Your Scrap Copper to Metro Copper Recycling?

As Melbourne’s largest scrap copper recycler, Metro’s facilities and equipment efficiently handle high volumes.

  • On-site lab testing delivers fair payments matching copper content percentages.
  • Reliable, on-time payments provide financial assurance for scrap sellers.
  • Decades of industry experience means scrapers and homeowners trust Metro’s pricing.
  • Metro supports sustainable dry granulation recycling processes.
  • Free pickup service from metro locations eliminates transport hassles.
  • Hassle-free selling experience with Metro saves time versus multiple suppliers.
Overall, Metro offers a premier one-stop outlet locally for simplicity, value and peace of mind.

Why are Scrap Copper Prices High?

Metro Copper, Melbourne’s leading metal recycling firm, is at the forefront of understanding the dynamics behind the soaring scrap copper prices. Our expertise ensures you receive the best scrap copper prices in Melbourne, reflecting the current market trends. Check out our top prices for scrap metalscrap coppercopper cable/wirebrass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, and more.

The Push Toward Renewables

The world is headed toward a more sustainable future and that is evident by the soaring rate of solar panels on Melbourne roofing and electric vehicles on the road. These renewable energy solutions need copper which is creating a surge in demand. This demand surge, coupled with mining supply disruptions, is expected to boost copper scrap prices by over 75% in the next two years.

Economic Growth Fuels Demand

The recovery from Covid 19 lockdowns around the world has resulted in a slow global economic recovery process and large-scale infrastructure projects have escalated the demand for metals like copper, creating a supply-demand imbalance.

The Green Revolution Elevates Copper Needs

The shift towards sustainable energy solutions has made copper indispensable. Its role in the green revolution, from powering EVs to enabling renewable energy technologies, directly influences the rising copper scrap prices.

Technological Innovations in Recycling

Advances in recycling technologies are making the process more efficient and cost-effective, further enhancing the value of copper scrap. At Metro Copper, we leverage these innovations to offer competitive scrap copper prices in Melbourne.
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Metro Copper Recycling is one of the largest and most trusted names in scrap metal recycling in Melbourne, specializing in copper and brass. Operating for over 30 years, they have continually invested in advanced facilities and equipment to serve the needs of industrial and agricultural clients.  As a fully licensed and audited operator, Metro Copper Recycling prides itself on quality service, compliance and sustainability practices like dry granulation to protect the environment. Farmers have come to depend on their reliable service, reasonable prices and prompt payment terms for scrap metals including copper.