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Sell Scrap Batteries in Melbourne

Are you looking for a way to responsibly dispose of your old batteries and earn some extra cash? Metro Copper has a solution for you. We accept all types of scrap batteries, including lead-acid batteries commonly found in trucks, cars, and heavy machinery. By recycling your scrap batteries with us, you are earning and contributing to a cleaner and sustainable environment.

Did you know that over a thousand battery-related fires were reported in Australia by 2023, averaging three incidents per day? Recycling with us can help prevent such incidents and protect our environment.

Cash for Scrap Batteries in Melbourne

Don’t let your old batteries go to waste. Turn them into cash with Metro Copper. Our scrap battery service ensures that your scrap batteries in Melbourne are disposed of safely and responsibly. Metro Copper offers competitive prices for all scrap battery types and a same-day payment policy. Trust us for top-dollar compensation and reliable service.

Scrap Battery Prices in Melbourne

Are you wondering how much your scrap batteries are worth? We offer competitive cash for scrap batteries in Melbourne. The price depends on the type of batteries, condition, and market demand. Roughly, you can expect to earn anywhere from $5 to $15 per scrap battery. Contact us today for a quote to ensure that you are getting the best value for your scrap batteries in Melbourne.

What Types of Scrap Batteries Can I Sell?

Metro Copper accepts a wide variety of scrap batteries, including lead-acid batteries commonly found in vehicles and heavy machinery. Recycling these batteries prevents harmful substances from spreading in the environment and maximises the use of finite natural resources. You can fully trust our licensed professionals to handle all your scrap batteries in Melbourne.

Battery Scrap

Why Choose Metro Copper?

  • Fast and Convenient: Same-day service across Melbourne
  • Same Day Payment: Fast EFT processing for all your scrap batteries in Melbourne
  • Best Price in the Town: Metro Copper offers the best value for all your scrap batteries

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Ready to turn your scrap batteries in Melbourne into cash? Contact Metro Copper today for reliable and convenient scrap battery recycling. With our same-day cash for scrap batteries in Melbourne and high customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide the best prices. Make an environment-conscious choice today.

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We serve you on the SAME day (Melbourne area)


We offer same day payment on all types of scrap metals including copper!


We offer the best prices like no other, and customer satisfaction is our prior priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending upon various factors, the rate can be between $5 and $15.

Please ensure that the battery is safely disconnected and removed from the vehicle. If there are any specific precautions or conditions related to the battery type, kindly follow those. Handle the battery with care to avoid any leaks or damage.

Yes, you can recycle your battery without any specific documentation. Our recycling service focuses on the environmental benefits of proper battery disposal and recycling, so the physical battery is what we require.

We specialise in the recycling of all types of automotive and vehicle batteries. This includes car batteries, truck batteries, motorcycle batteries, and any other type of battery used in vehicles. We aim to provide a responsible and environmentally friendly recycling option for these items.


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