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How I Get Paid For Scrap Copper in Melbourne?

Metro Copper Recycling provides the best pricing options for scrap copper Melbourne residents. As a fast-growing scrap metals recycling company in Melbourne, we understand homeowners and tradesmen regularly have scrap copper taking up space. Rather than letting scrap copper go to waste, you can turn it into cash. Our scrap copper buyers are ready to give you an instant quote and pay you on the spot for any scrap copper quantities. Bring in your scrap copper pieces, wires, tubes, pipes and other copper items and get paid for scrap copper near you with Metro Copper Recycling. Getting paid for your scrap copper is simple and convenient with Metro Copper Recycling. When you call us or visit our scrapyard, one of our experienced scrap buyers will assist you. They will quickly inspect your scrap copper items and provide an on-the-spot offer. If you accept the offer, you will get paid directly and can walk away with money in your bank account. Thanks to our extensive experience evaluating all types of scrap copper items, you can trust our buyers to offer you a fair price for even small scrap copper quantities or mixed metals.

Sell your Scrap Copper For Best Price & Hassle Free

Tired of storing scrap copper taking up precious space in your home or workplace? Rather than letting it collect dust, turn it into money instead. As one of the largest scrap copper recycling in Melbourne, we buy all scrap copper materials regardless of size or condition. You’ll receive the best market rates and zero hassle when selling to us. From heavy-duty cables and pipes to small copper fittings and clippings – we pay competitive prices for everything. Check out our top prices for scrap metalscrap coppercopper cable/wirebrass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, and more. Plus, there are no minimum load requirements or appointment times needed. Simply drop in during our operating hours for fast payment. Get in touch with us and get the best scrap copper price in Melbourne.

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Turn Scrap Copper To Money in Melbourne in Simple Steps

Gather all your scrap copper accumulations such as stripped wires, cut pipes, extrusions, connectors and so on. Load everything effortlessly into your vehicle using our available bins and carts for transport. We collect, recycle and pay for any non-ferrous metals. It includes scrap copperscrap cable or wirealuminium, brass, scrap batteriescar battery disposal, as well as we provide scrap bin service in Melbourne.

Upon arrival at our centrally-located scrapyard, drive straight to our weigh station. Here, our experienced buyers will promptly and thoroughly inspect each item, categorizing and quantifying the metals. They will calculate a fair market scrap copper price in Melbourne for your load.

Accept the offered price and you’ll receive payment instantly. We issue funds via secured EFT transfer. The whole experience takes minutes with no unnecessary delays.

Fast & convenient

We serve you on the SAME day (Melbourne area)


We offer same day payment on all types of scrap metals including copper!


We offer the best prices like no other, and customer satisfaction is our prior priority.

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