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Scrap Copper Pick Up Melbourne

We provide a Scrap Copper pick up in Melbourne. You no longer need to come to our place to drop off scrap copper. This is because we provide scrap copper pick-up service in Melbourne. We arrive wherever you are to pick up your copper scraps. We have trucks capable of hovering around Melbourne to collect your copper scraps quickly. We pick up your scrap copper from all over Melbourne and its surrounding areas for FREE (minimum weight is required). We serve you on the SAME day and offer the best prices like no other, and customer satisfaction is our priority. Call us today at 0481 223 334 for an immediate scrap copper pick up. You can also contact our scrap dealer online and get a free quote for your scrap copper in Melbourne. Check out our top prices for scrap metal, scrap copper, copper cable/wire, brass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, and more.

Copper Recycling Melbourne

Metro Copper Recycling is one of the most trusted names for copper recycling in Melbourne. Whether you’re a manufacturer, electrical contractor, plumber, refrigerating & air conditioning contractor, excavating & demolition company & auto-electrician, or a private citizen, you likely deal with metal production, use, and eventual disposal. At Metro Copper Recycling, we understand each client’s unique needs and offer tailored scrap copper recycling solutions. Metro Copper Recycling is one of Melbourne’s largest and most trusted names in scrap metal recycling, specializing in copper and brass. Operating for over 30 years, they have continually invested in advanced facilities and equipment to serve the needs of industrial and agricultural clients. Contact us for Scrap Copper Pickup and get the best price for scrap copper. We collect, recycle and pay for any non-ferrous metals. It includes scrap copper, scrap cable or wire, aluminium, brass, scrap batteries, car battery disposal, as well as we provide scrap bin service in Melbourne.

Types of Copper We PickUp and Recycle

Metro Copper Recycling recycles the below types of scrap copper in Melbourne.

  • Stripped Shinny copper cable and wires.
  • Data cable – both stripped and unstripped.
  • Electrical cable – both stripped and unstripped.
  • Copper boilers.
  • Copper sheet and cladding.
  • Copper tube and pipe.
  • Electric motors and windings from electric motors.
  • Copper bus bars & ingots.

Sell Your Scrap Copper in Melbourne For Immediate Cash In Return

Get cash for copper with our scrap copper recycling in Melbourne. Metro Copper Recycling is a great way to make extra money and reduce waste management expenses on job sites. With our scrap copper pick-up service in Melbourne, you will get maximum cash for your copper scraps, cables, and large quantities with on-the-spot cash payment.

Scrap copper prices in Melbourne have steadily increased over the past few years, primarily due to rising global demand for copper. Factors such as the building boom in construction, where copper piping and wiring see extensive use, as well as technology and green energy sectors that depend on copper components, have stressed existing copper reserves. Sellers can get relatively good copper prices per kg in Melbourne by exploring their options with companies focused on recycling scrap metals. Contact our scrap copper dealer for scrap copper pick-up in Melbourne and get instant money for it.

Scrap Copper Melbourne
Scrap metro Copper

Why Sell Your Scrap Copper to Metro Copper Recycling?

Metro Copper is the largest copper recycling company in Melbourne, and it efficiently handles high volumes of scrap copper.

  • On-site lab testing delivers fair payments matching copper content percentages.
  • Reliable, on-time payments provide financial assurance for scrap sellers.
  • Decades of industry experience means scrapers and homeowners trust Metro’s pricing.
  • Metro supports sustainable dry granulation recycling processes.
  • Free pickup service from metro locations eliminates transport hassles.
  • Hassle-free selling experience with Metro saves time versus multiple suppliers.
  • Overall, Metro copper offers a premier one-stop outlet locally for simplicity, value and peace of mind.

Get in touch with us for Copper Recycling in Melbourne. Call 0481 223 334 for Scrap Copper Pick Up in Melbourne.

Copper Recycling in Melbourne for Tradespeople

Tradespeople, including plumbers, electricians, and construction companies, trust Metro Copper Recycling for scrap copper in Melbourne. Deliver your scrap copper to our facility for weighing on certified scales and receive an immediate cash payment, or take advantage of our convenient scrap copper pick-up Melbourne service to have the scrap yard come to you. Sell your scrap copper in Melbourne and get cash for copper.

Scrap Copper Melbourne

Industrial Scrap Copper Solutions

Our Copper Scrap Recycler collaborates with manufacturing facilities and machine shops across Melbourne, purchasing the by-products of their production processes. For industrial clients, we offer the provision of scrap metal bins at your location, streamlining the recycling process.

Demolition Company Scrap Metal Solutions

We specialize in purchasing metal salvaged from demolition projects, providing various container options, such as roll-off containers and trailers, to accommodate the collection of non-ferrous scrap, ensuring an efficient salvage process.

Council Copper Recycling Services

Our team develops recycling systems tailored to efficiently manage the scrap copper generated by residents. All materials are processed in an environmentally responsible manner at our recycling facility, minimizing our carbon footprint.

Homeowner Scrap Metal Services

Homeowners in Melbourne trust Metro Copper Recycling for our transparent appraisal process, immediate cash for copper recycling in Melbourne, friendly customer service, and the convenience of our local scrap yard. Whether you’re involved in industrial production, trades, demolition, or simply a homeowner with scrap metal, Melbourne Copper Scraps offers the solutions you need to recycle your metal responsibly and profitably. 

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