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Old Car Battery Disposal Melbourne

Metro Copper Recycling stands as your premier destination for secure and eco-friendly car battery disposal in Melbourne. We extend a hassle-free service by offering free pickups for your old batteries, and yes, we offer cash rewards for them too! It’s an opportunity to earn while contributing positively to the environment. Contact us today for car battery recycling Melbourne. We collect, recycle and pay for any non-ferrous metals. It includes scrap copper, scrap cable or wire, aluminium, brass, scrap batteries as well as we provide scrap bin service in Melbourne.

Our recycling endeavors aim to significantly benefit the environment by conserving precious resources like copper found in batteries. This not only aids in environmental preservation but also ensures the judicious use of valuable materials.

If you find yourself with unused batteries, consider Metro Copper Recycling as your first choice. Turning to us means transforming waste into money in the most responsible manner.

Types of Car Batteries We Recycle

At Metro Copper Recycling, we’re open to collecting a wide range of vehicle batteries, no matter their application or size.

  • All Car Batteries
  • All Truck Batteries

These batteries are treasure troves of valuable metals, including copper, which we are more than happy to compensate you for. By choosing us for your battery recycling needs, you’re opting for a service that pays you back while ensuring these materials are recycled responsibly. Get in touch with our scrap dealer for car battery disposal in Melbourne.

In Melbourne, getting rid of old batteries the right way is not only smart but also required by law. This is because car batteries, which are mainly lead-acid types used in vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even in emergency lights, contain harmful stuff like lead and sulphuric acid. It’s really important to know that you shouldn’t throw these batteries out with your regular trash or recycling. Luckily, Metro Copper Recycling provides a green way to handle these old batteries, making sure they don’t harm our planet.


Get in touch with us for Car Battery Disposal in Melbourne. Call 0481 223 334 for Car Battery Disposal in Melbourne.

Car Battery Recycling in Melbourne

scrap batteries
  • Get Top Value and Dependable Collection for Your Old Car Batteries.
  • Free Pickup Across Melbourne, Victoria*.
  • Prompt Same-Day Service in Melbourne

*A Minimum Quantity Is Needed for Complimentary Pickup.

As part of our commitment toward responsible car battery recycling in Melbourne, we offer a no-cost collection service and pick up your old car batteries for money. Nothing to pay, just money in your pocket and peace of mind that your car batteries are being recycled by the professionals. Check out our top prices for scrap metalscrap coppercopper cable/wirebrass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, and more.

It is imperative that you do not try to dispose of your car batteries yourself in roadside collection or landfill centres because they contain a range of hazardous materials including lead and sulphuric acid. Not only are these materials bad for the environment, they can cause serious injuries if they leak when you attempt to dispose of them.

Please be assured that our services adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria regarding the management of hazardous waste. By choosing us for your car battery disposal needs in Melbourne, you’re not only ensuring safe and efficient recycling but also contributing positively to environmental conservation.

Choose Metro Copper Recycling for Your Car Battery Disposal Needs

It is important to choose accredited businesses like Metro Copper Recycling for your car battery disposal as these lead acid batteries can be potentially hazardous to you and the environment. You will know that your batteries have been disposed of responsibly and the materials recycled for future use. So if you have old batteries sitting in your home or business garage, give the team at Metro Copper Recycling a call today. 0481 223 334 

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We serve you on the SAME day (Melbourne area)


We offer same day payment on all types of scrap metals including copper!


We offer the best prices like no other, and customer satisfaction is our prior priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the technology to recycle the majority of all car and truck batteries, along with motorbike, boat and even some air-conditioning batteries. Our team is trained in the safest disposal techniques for all batteries, no matter how long they may have been left sitting.
If you live in the Greater Melbourne Region there is usually no charge for collecting old car batteries, although a minimum weight may be required depending on how far you live from the Melbourne CBD. Speak to your team about the best way to get your old batteries in for recycling.
The process is simple and hassle-free. Once you contact us, we’ll arrange a pickup time that suits you. Our recycling specialists will then come to your location, equipped with the necessary safety gear, to collect your old car batteries. We ensure that the batteries are safely handled and transported to our recycling facility for proper disposal.
We pride ourselves on paying industry-best rates for all scrap metals and other recyclables – and that includes lead acid car and truck batteries. We will transfer the funds to your account on the spot through EFT so you can recycle responsibly and get instant cash for your battery disposal in Melbourne.

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