Insulated Copper Wire Prices in Melbourne

Copper is valuable in recycling due to its recyclability and diverse uses. Around 75% of copper products are crafted from recycled copper, making recycling copper a smart choice for both individuals and businesses seeking profitable returns.

If you possess a substantial amount of scrap copper in pipes, sheets, or wires, selling it to Metro Copper Recycling proves advantageous. We offer the best scrap Wire Prices in Melbourne.

Type of Scrap Wire Price Price Per Kg
Insulated Scrap Copper Wire $2 – $9
Insulated Copper Wire – Medium Grade $4 – $7
Insulated Copper Wire – Low Grade $2 – $4
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How to Sell Your Copper Wire Scrap and Get the Best Insulated Cable Prices

Gather Your Scrap

Collect all your copper wire scrap, whether from old electronics, construction projects, or other sources.

Contact Metro Copper Recycling

Contact Metro Copper Recycling to arrange the sale of your scrap. You can reach us via phone, email, or through our website.

Arrange Collection

We provide free scrap metal collection bins for your convenience. Let us know when and where you’d like the bins delivered, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fill the Bins

Once you receive the collection bins, fill them with your copper wire scrap.

Schedule Pickup

When your bins are full, contact us to schedule a pickup. We’ll come to collect the bins at a time that’s convenient for you.

Get the Best Insulated Copper Wire Price

Once we’ve collected your scrap, we’ll weigh it and provide a fair price based on the current market rate. You’ll receive payment promptly for your scrap.

We Are Experts in Handling Various Forms of Copper Scrap

At Metro Copper Recycling, we specialise in handling different types of copper scrap, not just whole copper wire. Whether you have small amounts or pieces broken into bits, we can sort them as copper shreds and make sure they’re processed correctly. We’re also good at dealing with copper from circuit boards or electronic scrap, another profitable part of the scrap industry.

Even copper cables that are damaged or not being used but still have rubber or plastic around them can sometimes sell for a bit more than clean copper wire because these parts still have value. Also, if copper is mixed with other metals, alloys, or fibres, it might still be worthwhile when we process it using our advanced shredding and separating machines.

No matter what kind of copper scrap you have, our aim at Metro Copper Recycling is to help you get the most money for it through our recycling services.

Get the Best Scrap Wire Prices in Melbourne

Find out more about selling insulated copper wire at competitive prices. Call us, and we will arrange a scrap metal bin for your site.

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