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With decades of experience, Metro Copper Recycling provides competitive scrap wire prices Melbourne homeowners and businesses can depend on. As the leading non-ferrous scrap metal recycler in Melbourne, we ensure fair compensation for all grades and volumes of scrap copper wire.

With commodity prices fluctuating daily, keeping informed of current scrap wire prices Melbourne values is important when deciding what to do with surplus copper wire and cable scrap accumulation. Here at Metro Copper Recycling, you can count on competitive copper wire sell prices whether you have a trunk load or tonnage load of copper wire scrap ready for disposal.

Current Copper Wire Scrap Prices per Kg in Melbourne

Keeping aware of contemporary copper wire scrap price per kg values is necessary for efficiently marketing copper wire scrap materials. At Metro Copper Recycling, our transparent pricing is founded on London Metal Exchange benchmarks for prime untainted copper scrap classifications. Generally, the highest price per kilogram is offered for clean residential solid copper wire, with multi-strand insulated scrap wire attracting a somewhat lower rate.

How to Sell Your Copper Wire Scrap in Melbourne

Selling accumulated copper wire scrap is a simple process when working with Metro Copper Recycling. First, collect all your old copper wiring, cable strands, tubing or sheet scrap together for convenient transport. Loose wire bundles and remove any contaminates for a cleaner grade. Then, give us a call to discuss scrap volumes and arrange a convenient load-out date at our state-of-the-art Melbourne facility.
Upon arrival, one of our experienced buyers will inspect your load, provide a fair scrap copper wire quote, and offer you the top cash. It’s a fast and reimbursing option for any homeowner or business looking to turn surplus copper wire scrap into cash. Contact us today to start selling your copper wire scrap stockpile and take advantage of our top copper cable scrap price!

We offer scrap pickup services

Finding it difficult to come all the way to drop us off your scrap brass? At Metro Copper Recycling, we have got your back. We offer scrap pickup services. You do not need to go anywhere with your scraps, we will come to your doorstep and pick them up. At Metro Copper Recycling, your comfort and offering you services at your convenience are our proper priorities in addition to making sure we offer you a top recycle brass price in Melbourne.

Established Copper Wire Buyers in Melbourne

Rather than taking chances selling to unknown scrap collectors, benefit from dealing directly with experienced, local copper wire buyers. With expedited payment and convenient access to state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll see why we’re a relied-upon scrap wire buyer in Melbourne. Whether you have a few kilograms or tonnes to turn into cash, fill out our online quote request form or phone today.

Additional Options for Scrap Copper Wire and Cable

Beyond whole copper wire scrap, Metro Copper Recycling also handles other forms of post-industrial copper waste. Smaller quantities or heavily fragmented lots can be classified as copper shreds. Copper extracted from circuit boards or electronic scrap is another profitable scrap segment.
Damaged or unused copper cables still containing rubber or plastic insulation can often attract a modest premium over clean loose copper wire prices due to the value retained in these components. Copper mixed with other non-ferrous metals, alloys or fibres may still hold residual value when processed through our sophisticated shredding and separation facilities. Whatever your specific copper scrap type or condition, we aim to maximize returns through our comprehensive scrap metal recycling services.

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