Scrap Pick up Melbourne

Scrap Pick Up Melbourne

We offer a scrap pickup service to pick up your scrap non-ferrous metals from your doorstep. Even better, if your scraps meet our minimum weightage requirement, we can offer you the pickup service for FREE! We have trucks that operate all over Melbourne and its surroundings. All you would need to do is to reach out to us and book your pickup slot. Our trucks also have advanced digital scales to weigh your scrap copper in Melbourne on the spot and estimate their prices. With our trucks’ digital scales, we can weigh your scraps in your yard, shed, warehouse, farm or wherever you are. We offer scrap pickup services to all non-ferrous scrap metals, including scrap copper, scrap cable or wire, aluminium, brass, scrap batteries, and car battery disposal. We also provide scrap bin service in Melbourne.

We offer the best deals for scrap metal in Melbourne. We also offer a wide range of services:

  • Pickup service from your doorstep
  • Yard Services (26 Somerton Park Dr Campbellfield VIC 3061)
  • Scrap bin delivery & pickup service ( copper & non-ferrous metal only )
  • On-the-spot scrap non-ferrous metal weightage and payment

Check out our top prices for scrap metalscrap coppercopper cable/wirebrass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, and more. Call on 0481 223 334 for scrap pick up Melbourne.

Fast & convenient

We serve you on the SAME day (Melbourne area)


We offer same day payment on all types of scrap metals including copper!


We offer the best prices like no other, and customer satisfaction is our prior priority.


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