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There is a limited battery life to each battery depending on its size and what it is used for. In general, batteries have a 3-10 year battery life estimate. While batteries are usually rechargeable, they have a limited number of charge cycles. Beyond a battery’s maximum number of charge cycles, you would not be able to recharge it, and it would be a scrap battery. This is when you would need to get rid of it and get a new one. However, you do not need to throw away your scrap battery to get rid of it. 

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Reach out to us any time and we will buy your scrap battery immediately. The best news is we buy and accept all types of scrap batteries. We accept all scrap battery models, sizes, and power ratings. This is not just an opportunity to get some extra money in no time, but to also use the money you earn in return to buy a new one without spending any money out of your pocket. Reach out to us now and we will offer you the best scrap battery prices in town! Need to double check? No worries! Get our quote and compare our prices to all of our competitors’ and you will know that we offer top prices like no other!


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(Scrap Metal Industry Regulation 2018)


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    Based in Melbourne, Metro Copper Recycling is an Australian privately-owned recycling company. We are your one-step gateway to getting rid of your scrap non-ferrous metals in no time!

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