How Much Scrap Metal Prices Per Kg in Melbourne?

When you are looking for the best scrap Metal Prices in Melbourne, Metro Copper Recycling has a fleet of vehicles on demand, instant EFT transfers, and a centrally located recycling facility where you can get the best scrap metal price. Metro Copper has all the information you need to make an informed decision and get the best scrap metal prices near me anywhere in the Greater Melbourne region. Our expertise lies in recycling a wide range of metals at our Melbourne depot, including scrap copper, brass, cable, aluminium, wire, scrap batteries, scrap bin Service Melbourne.

Many different factors can influence the price, along with marketing fluctuations, however, our goal at Metro Copper Recycling is always to deliver you the most value for your time and materials. Here is a guide on what you can expect to be paid, depending on circumstances like market timing.

Table of Melbourne Scrap Metal Prices    Price Per Kg
Clean Copper$10 – $13
Dirty Copper$9 – $10
High Grade Cables$6 – $8
Low-Grade Wires$2 – $4
Aluminium$1 – $3
Stainless Steel$1 – $2
Motors$1 – $2
Scrap Brass$3.50 – $5.0
Scrap Metal

What Types Of Scrap Metal Do Metro Copper Recycle?

  • Dry Bright Copper Wire: This is very pure and conducts electricity well, making it perfect for electrical uses. Contact us for Scrap Wire Prices Melbourne.
  • Clean Flat Electro Copper: It’s great at conducting electricity and is used in different electronic parts.
  • New Copper Tube: Often used in water pipes and heating/cooling systems because it transfers heat well.
  • Greasy Bright Wire: Even though it’s greasy, this wire has a lot of copper in it.
  • Heavy Copper: This is almost completely pure copper, which is good for recycling into high-quality products. Contact us for Copper Recycling in Melbourne and get the best price for scrap copper.
  • Copper Cylinders: These are used in water and heating systems and can be recycled for their copper.
  • Copper Braziery: This includes copper items that have been soldered or brazed together but can still be recycled.
  • Mixed Brass: A mix of copper and zinc, this material is used for things like musical instruments and door hardware. Get a best price for Scrap Brass in Melbourne.
  • Aluminium: Commonly found in air conditioners, cars, wheels, foils, and containers. We provide 1$ to 3$ price for Scrap Aluminium.
  • Household Cable: Different types of insulated copper wires found in houses. Get in touch with us for Scrap Cable Recycling Melbourne.
  • 18/8 Stainless Solids and 316 Stainless Solids: These are types of stainless steel that are very strong and don’t rust easily.
  • Zinc Sheet: This material doesn’t rust easily and is used in various industries.
  • Electric Motors: These have copper and steel in them and are found in many appliances and machines.
  • Lead and Lead/Acid Batteries: Lead is highly recyclable and is used in batteries, pipes, and more. Contact us if you want to recycle your Scrap Batteries.
  • Light Iron and Heavy Iron: These are types of iron that are categorized by how heavy and big they are.

Our Scrap Metal Recycling Process

A lot of our valued clients aren’t just chasing the best price for scrap metal recycling in Melbourne, they also want to ensure they are doing their part to be sustainable and want to know where their scrap material is going. The recycling process for all materials is different, but here is a quick guide on how we recycle the leading metals that can be reused for a number of industrial and commercial purposes:
  1. Collection: Our local team collects scrap metal from various sources, including industrial waste, construction sites, and households with our fleet of trucks and vans.
  2. Sorting: Metals are sorted into different types using magnets and sensors to separate ferrous from non-ferrous metals.
  3. Processing: Sorted metals are then cleaned, shredded, and prepared for melting.
  4. Melting and Purification: Metals are melted in large furnaces and purified to ensure the final product is of high quality.
  5. Solidifying: The molten metal is poured into moulds and solidified into bars, sheets, or other shapes.
  6. Transportation: Finally, the recycled metal is transported to manufacturers where it’s used to produce new products.

Get in touch with our scrap metal dealers and get the best scrap metal price in Melbourne. Check out our top prices for scrap metalscrap coppercopper cable/wirebrass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, and more.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Factors Influencing Scrap Metal Prices

Several factors can influence the price of scrap metal in Melbourne and globally:

  • Supply and Demand: There is a constant ebb and flow in the metal market, with different projects requiring high volumes of differing materials at any given moment. This, coupled with the availability of these metals, will influence the value of recycled scrap metal near me.
  • Quality of Scrap: Many people assume because the metal is melted down and re-purposed that the condition doesn’t matter. Unfortunately metal can degrade or become impure over timeand depending on the level of care that has been taken with it, so this will influence the bottom line as well.
  • International Markets: Global economic trends and trade policies can impact scrap metal prices. For example, tariffs on metal imports or exports can alter supply and demand dynamics.
  • Type of Metal: Different metals have different values. Precious metals like gold and silver will always be more valuable than common metals like steel and aluminium. 

How to get the Best Scrap Metal Prices In Melbourne

To ensure you get the best scrap metal prices in Melbourne, consider the following tips:
  • Follow the news: Market prices are known to fluctuate, and things like global shortages, international tariffs can drive up the price of raw metals. Conversely, large discoveries or new mining operations can reduce the value as it becomes more common.
  • Sort your scrap: By helping to divide the different metals into their own piles, you help reduce the sorting time which means more money in your pocket. If you are selling a large pile as mixed scrap, it will result in a reduced rate.
  • Wash your metal: This might sound odd, aren’t we just going to melt it down anyway? Absolutely, but many contaminants and nasty attachments can be melted down along with the metal which leads to a lower grade content. Cleaning it first can make the world of difference.
  • Choose the Best Scrap Metal Recyclers: Choose Metro Copper to ensure you are getting the most value for your scrap metal and the leading service in Melbourne.

Areas We Serve

At Metro Copper Recycling, we take pride in serving a wide expanse of Melbourne and its surrounding areas with our leading scrap metal pickup services. Our coverage includes the bustling heart of Melbourne CBD, extending to the northern suburbs like Brunswick and Coburg, the eastern suburbs including Box Hill and Doncaster, the culturally rich western suburbs such as Footscray and Altona, and the scenic southern suburbs like St Kilda and Brighton. Beyond these, we also reach out to the outer suburbs, ensuring no location is left behind. For inquiries or to schedule a pick-up, reach out to us at: 0481 223 334

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Metro Copper Recycling is one of the largest and most trusted names in scrap metal recycling in Melbourne, specializing in copper and brass. Operating for over 30 years, they have continually invested in advanced facilities and equipment to serve the needs of industrial and agricultural clients.  As a fully licensed and audited operator, Metro Copper Recycling prides itself on quality service, compliance and sustainability practices like dry granulation to protect the environment. Farmers have come to depend on their reliable service, reasonable prices and prompt payment terms for scrap metals including copper.