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Copper is a highly valuable material that can be recycled and reprocessed for reuse. As more homes and businesses renovate or upgrade, copper that can be collected as scrap is left out. If you’re looking for where to find copper, some of the best options are construction sites, old houses undergoing work, thrift stores, auto parts from mechanics, old roofing material, household appliances being replaced, and electronics like computers and televisions heading to the scrap heap.

With copper demand and prices rising, tracking down copper scrap has become a wise way for recyclers and those needing extra income to profit. But where exactly should you direct your scrap copper hunting? This article will outline some of the most reliable places to search where finding copper is almost certain. We’ll explore construction sites, old homes, charity shops, yards of mechanics, roofing taken off houses, appliances being tossed out, and e-waste from electronics as the top spots to watch.

Construction Sites: Building Sites are a Great Source of Copper Offcuts

Construction sites are treasure troves for scrap copper. During demolition and new building projects, copper piping, wiring and sheeting are often removed and discarded. Scrapyards regularly receive delivery of materials from remodelling jobs and demolition sites. With demolition work comes the stripping out of old copper which ends up at scrap yards. It’s worth stopping by sites that are in active redevelopment to ask if they have any scrap copper to sell.

Construction supervisors may be willing to sell leftover pieces for a few dollars to avoid disposal costs. Sometimes they’ll even give small amounts away for free if you take it off their hands – saving them a trip to the copper recycling facilities. Always get permission first before collecting scrap. The best part is you can often buy copper cheap at these locations, and then sell it to scrapyards for a higher price.

Old Houses: Renovating Old Homes Yields Copper Pipes and Wiring

When older homes undergo renovation or upgrading, it often involves replacing antique copper piping and electrical wiring that has served its purpose well over many decades. Some renovators will even strip working copper plumbing and cables to fully modernise a property. This leaves a windfall of usable copper scrap still intact in pipes, cables or tubing. 

As one of the best ways to find copper, keeping an eye on restoration projects on properties built before the 1970s can yield good pickings. Don’t be shy about politely asking the homeowners if they have any copper removals they need recycling – you may find some cash in copper to take off their hands. Always check that materials are indeed copper before collecting scraps near the completion of a reno.

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Thrift Stores: Charity Shops Sometimes Have Copper Items

For savvy copper hunters, thrift stores and charity shops deserve a look around. On occasion, old items containing copper can make their way onto the sales floor of second-hand stores in need of a new home. Things like vintage light fittings, cookware or statues holding patinas of green may contain copper in useful quantities.

As one of the best ways to find copper, keeping an eye on what turns up for sale week to week at local resale shops could unearth a surprise piece every now and then that’s worth picking up to harvest the metal. As these stores aim to reuse preloved goods, it’s better for possible copper pickings to end up with recyclers rather than the rubbish dump. And who knows, you may find a decorative item worth keeping that gives back in copper value too!

Auto Parts: Backyard Mechanics Often Have Copper Scraps

Pipes and copper wires are commonly found components of vehicles, and mechanics working on cars and trucks will regularly have jobs that involve splicing or replacing copper parts. As one of the efficient ways to find copper, talking to amateur backyard mechanics can turn up modest amounts of automotive copper scraps.

From short pieces of radiator or exhaust piping, to wiring harness clippings and end pieces, mechanics doing weekend jobs will accumulate small pieces of leftover metal. Many are happy for responsible scrappers to haul it away rather than see it end up discarded. With the understanding you’ll recycle it properly, call around to mechanics’ yards to see if any copper pieces can be removed from their work areas as needed. An occasional scrap pickup may yield modest quantities for recycling benefits all.

Roofing: Old Roofs Can Yield Copper Guttering and Flashing

When homeowners replace aged roofing materials, remnants of intact copper are sometimes stripped away. Historically, Copper was utilised for elegant guttering and decorative flashings, and remains functional for decades if maintained properly. But as roofs reach their lifespan, this valuable metalwork often gets discarded. 

As one of the efficient ways to find copper, keeping posted on roofing jobs occurring nearby means catching plumbers and contractors before cleanups. A quick chat about any serviceable copper lengths or offcuts left over could result in a haul for you free of charge, saving waste. Just be sure any items taken for recycling still have sound copper – don’t burden yourself with rusted remnants no longer worth the effort. With copper’s enduring qualities, even old roof scrap may still have rewarding kilograms to contribute.

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Household Appliances: Scrap the Insides of Old Fridges and Stoves

As kitchen appliances near the end of dependable operation, it’s time for upgrades to newer energy-efficient designs. But before tossing dated fridges, stoves or hot water systems, consider whether the internals may contain worthwhile scrap copper for recycling. Coiled condenser coils in older refrigerators and piping within gas ovens represent functional but aging copper that can be harvested rather than wasted.

Many householders are happy to have these items stripped if it means properly recycling materials. When appliance disposal is scheduled, offer to extract pipes or sheets remaining in good condition before the large items go to landfill. Contact local shops and ask politely if they have old units slated for scrap removal – cooperative owners can help you find hidden copper for recycling benefits everyone.

Computers and TVs: Electronic Waste Contains Valuable Copper Components

As newer technology renders outdated gadgets obsolete, e-waste streams continue growing globally with valuable commodities embedded within. While devices like old computers and television sets may no longer function, their non-working insides still hold recyclable value – including copper used abundantly on circuit boards and inside cable sheathing. Official electronic recycling programs mean much of this copper eventually gets recovered.

But by asking your local computer repair shop or television mechanic to keep useful copper-bearing scraps from becoming trash, you provide responsible alternative disposal directly to a copper recycler. Scraps harvested could include wiring strips, GPU heat sinks or sections of stripped-back cable. Your efforts ensure more efficient end-of-life recovery of commodities like copper from e-waste streams.

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