How To Recycle Copper Wire

If you have old copper wire taking up space, turn it into cash by learning how to recycle copper wire. Copper is a valuable resource that can be sold to metal recycling companies. The recycling process starts with gathering all loose wire, cable and wiring from old electronics, tools, appliances or construction sites.

Copper wire comes in various gauges and sizes. Thicker insulated cables might be found in bundles, while finer wires may be tangled. The first essential step in recycling is stripping the plastic coating off the wires to leave just the bare copper material. This preparation helps recyclers to easily sort and process the wire for resale. Metro Copper Recycling provides competitive scrap wire prices in Melbourne that homeowners and businesses can depend on. As Melbourne’s leading non-ferrous scrap metal recycler, we ensure fair compensation for all grades and volumes of scrap copper wire. a bunch of wires in a pile

How to Clean Copper Wire for Recycling

It’s important to thoroughly clean copper wire before recycling as even small amounts of dirt or coatings left on can lower the resale value. Metal recycling companies assess copper quality based on purity levels, with cleaner wire fetching a higher market rate. Taking the time to properly prepare wire through cleaning helps maximise the money returned from recycling.

Steps to Clean Copper Wires:

  • Gather all the copper wire you want to recycle, including loose wire, cables, stranded bundles, and wiring.
  • Strip off any plastic coating or insulation still remaining on the wires. Getting down to the bare copper increases value.
  • Use a stiff bristled brush to scrub each wire or cable strand under running water. This removes built-up grime and residues from the copper.
  • Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and immerse bundles of cleaned wires. Scrub them vigorously to dissolve sticky adhesive remnants.
  • Rinse everything thoroughly once cleaning is complete. Ensure all traces of soap and dirt have been removed.
  • Lay the sparkling clean copper wires out in the sun to dry fully. Proper drying prepares them for top prices at recycling.

Where to Find Big Copper Wire

If you’re hoping to recycle a sizable amount of copper, it’s worth seeking out where larger gauge copper wire may be found. Two excellent sources are old industrial estates and construction sites. Electricians and plumbers regularly complete upgrades and renovations, replacing thick wiring and piping that can then be recycled.

Contact local tradespeople to check if they have any copper off-cuts saved. Construction companies may also have scraps left over after projects that they want to dispose of. It’s also worth asking data centres and telecommunication companies if they have old network cables needing replacement. Explaining your plan to recycle responsibly could result in some substantial copper finds.

a bag of copper wire

How Much Is Copper Wire Worth

Understanding the current market rate for copper scrap is important to know if your recycling effort is worthwhile. Prices naturally fluctuate depending on international demand and commodity exchanges. As a general guide, clean bare copper wire prices currently fetch around $10 to 13$ per kilogram across most Australian recycling centres.

Finer gauge copper from electrical cabling or electronics typically pays slightly less, while thicker industrial cable or roofing brings a higher return. By tearing, cutting or coiling wires neatly before weighing, you ensure maximum accuracy and payment. A metric tonne of quality copper scrap can exchange hands for thousands of dollars. So, taking the time to properly prepare your recycling may equal some worthwhile pocket money or donations to a community group. 

Where to Recycle Copper Wire

With a van load of cleaned copper wire ready to sell, your next step is choosing a recycling depot close to home that offers fair prices, convenience and excellent customer service. Metro Copper Recycling, located in Melbourne, is the region’s leading buyer and processor of copper scrap.

Operating for over 15 years, Metro Copper Recycling has earned a reputation as experts purchasers can trust to assess grades accurately and pay market rates promptly via cash or EFT. As an environmentally conscious business, they ensure each kilo collected is processed responsibly. Visit their friendly depot weekly to drop off your weighed recyclables and receive a payout instantly. It’s a hassle-free transaction that rewards you for diverting copper waste from landfills. Call them to learn more about Metro Copper Recycling services and valuable community partnerships.

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